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Tourist attractions in Vaishali

About BuddhismVaishali located in present day Bihar was once the centre for trade and industry during the Mauryan rule. Today it is a sleepy village surrounded by fields and mango groves. Vaishali is said to have been beloved of the Buddha and is the place where he delivered is last sermon before he headed to Kushinagar where he breathed his last. It was Emperor Asoka who commissioned a pillar to commemorate this last sermon and the life sized lion on the pillar faces north, the direction that the Buddha took when he left. It was also in Vaishali that the second Buddhist Council was held a century after the Mahaparinirvana of the Buddha. There are many stupas and historic artifacts in Vaishali that are part of the tourist attractions in Vaishali and tourists come here throughout the year. Archaeologists believe that the 2 stupas that were found both housed the ashes of the Buddha in Vaishali.

Historians and Buddhists are not the only visitors to Vaishali, this city is also special to the Jains as the founder of Jainism, Lord Mahavir was also born here at Kundalpur 2500 years ago. There are also many pillars built by Asoka believed to mark the royal highway between Patliputra and Nepal. The other tourist attractions of Vaishali are the World Peace Pagoda, the Vaishali Museum and the Choumukhi Mahadev, a stone image of Shiva with four faces. There are many other tourist attractions in Vaishali and one can easily get here from the capital Patna which is just 70 kms away. Accommodation options in Vaishali and in Patna are many and one can easily book rooms online as well. There are many good online travel sites that have updated information on the tourist attractions in Vaishali and will help a browser to plan a holiday as well.

The best way to enjoy the tourist attractions in Vaishali is by booking a holiday package that can include other important places in Buddhism as well. There are packages available to suit all kinds of budgets and requirements.