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Tourist attractions in Udaygiri

About BuddhismUdaygiri has been known since ancient times and is mentioned in the Ramayana as well as the hill from where the monkey god Hanuman was asked to get the life restoring herb, Sanjeevani. This herb is so rare that no one has been able to find it since then though ancient texts mention its existence in the Udaygiri hills. The hills are beautiful and there is cool crystal clear water here whose source is still unknown. The tourist attractions in Udaygiri continue with ancient rock cut caves that are at least 2000 years old. These caves are both naturally formed as well as manmade and are 44 in all. One must climb towards these caves and the caves themselves and the views from here are worth the effort. The carvings have images of winged creatures, elephants with snakes and even lions holding their prey. These caves are the popular tourist attractions in Udayagiri and see many visitors every day.

Recent excavations have also revealed a large Buddhist complex that contains remains of monasteries, stupas and sculptures and experts mark this as one of the earliest Buddhist establishments in the world. One of these ancient stupas was found to contain a stone casket with ashes and precious artifacts. There was also a thriving ancient university here called Pushpagiri. Among the tourist attractions in Udaygiri is the beautiful hill that forms the backdrop of the excavations. One can trek here and admire the views from the top of the hill. Find out more about the best time to visit and about the tourist attractions in Udaygiri by browsing online. There are dedicated travel sites that have the latest information on the best places to visit on the Buddha circuit and will detail the tourist attractions in Udaygiri among other places.

One can even plan a package to include other important Buddhist sites and this can easily be done online.