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Tourist attractions in Sravasti

About BuddhismBuddhism in India was widespread in ancient times and during his lifetime the Buddha lived and preached in areas that spread across modern day Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. Uttar Pradesh has many important sites related closely to the Buddha and Sravasti is one of the most significant. It is believed that the Buddha spent a significant time here and the remains of the hut that he lived in are still there. Ancient texts claim that the Buddha spent 25 years in Sravasti and this is also the place where he gave the most spiritual lectures. The hut is among the most important of the tourist attractions in Sravasti and one can always find this space covered in flowers left by devotees of the Buddha. Most of the ruins of old buildings and structures are ancient and prove that this was a flourishing place during the Buddha’s lifetime. The Jetavana Monastery located close by is also among the tourist attractions in Sravasti.

The Bodhi tree so closely linked with the Buddha is also found here in Sravasti and is believed to be a part of the original Bodhi tree under which the Buddha found enlightenment. Other tourist attractions in Sravasti are the Jain Temple, the Anathapindika Stupa and the Agulimala Stupa all found within the old walls of the city. One can see monks meditating in Sravasti undisturbed by the tourists who come here. There are monasteries as well among the tourist attractions in Sravasti built by different nations like Thailand, Japan, Korea etc. Sravasti was also one of the largest cities in the ancient India of Buddha’s time and was a very fertile and rich kingdom as well. The Buddha is also said to have performed a miracle at Sravasti.

These days finding out more about the tourist attractions in Sravasti is easy with the help of online travel sites. There are sites dedicated to the Buddha circuit and those that will arrange for holiday packages as well. Spend a pleasant couple of days exploring the tourist attractions in Sravasti during your next holiday.