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Tourist attractions in Sarnath

About BuddhismBuddhist religious sites are popular on the tourist circuit. There are religious tours that have itineraries that cover all the important places that featured in the Buddha’s life and these are popular with tourists as well. Among the many locations that the Buddha lived and preached in Sarnath is especially important as this is the place where he preached his first sermon. This was just after he attained the enlightenment that changed him from Prince Siddhartha to the Buddha. Sarnath is just 10 kms from the holy Hindu city of Varanasi and these two ancient cities have a lot to offer their visitors.

Tourist attractions in Sarnath include Sarnath itself, counted as among the holiest of Buddhist centers and this region sees thousands of visitors from all over the world. There are stupas that have been built centuries ago and these mark important landmarks in Buddhism. The Dhamekh Stupa is a cylindrical structure with a diameter of 28 meters. This stupa contains some of the remains of the Buddha. Choukhandi Stupa marks the site where the first 5 disciples were converted to Buddhism starting the Buddhist Sangha.

Other tourist attractions in Sarnath include the Digambara Jain temple, this is said to be the spot where the 11th Jain Tirthankara was born. There is the Sarnath Archaeological museum that has an imposing statue of Buddha turning the wheel of Law. The world famous Asoka Pillar is also here in the museum and this was commissioned to commemorate Emperor Asoka’s visit to Sarnath. The Deer park is beautifully maintained and is said to be where the Buddha gave his first sermon. This ancient city has stood the test of time and the rise and fall of many empires. It is easy to forget the modern world when in Sarnath and a few days spent here will definitely help to revitalize tired minds and spirits.