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Tourist attractions in Sankasya

About BuddhismBuddhist pilgrimages and trips covering the Buddha circuit are very popular in India and as the Buddha was born and spent his entire life here there are many interesting places to visit. Sankasya is one of these and is associated with a miracle performed by the Buddha. It is said that when the Buddha ascended to Trayastrimsa heaven in order to teach Abhidhamman to his mother when he descended after 3 months it was at the village of Sankasya. This legend is marked in a lot of Buddhist art. Buddhists also believe that all the Buddha’s descend to earth at this very spot. It was the Emperor Asoka who later marked the spot with a pillar that had an elephant at the top. Today this pillar is still standing but has worn the centuries badly, the elephant too has much of its face missing. In spite of this the beautifully carved lotus leaves and Bodhi leaves are still clearly made out on the base of the pillar. This is among the main tourist attractions of Sankasya and there are plenty of people who come here to see this.

The other tourist attractions in Sankasya are a Hindu temple that seems to have been built on the ruins of a stupa. The famous ancient traveler Hieun Tsang visited Sankasya in the 6th century and was impressed by the number of stupas, monasteries and beautifully carved structures that he found here. Then there is a small Buddhist temple built recently in the 1950’s by a Buddhist monk from Sri Lanka. He also established a school here in 1960. Accommodation in Sankasya is available in the temples here and one can easily make this a day trip from Kanpur or from Farrukhabad. There are many professional travel sites online for the best information on the tourist attractions in Sankasya. While some sites have the latest updated information on these places there are others that help with added information on the places to stay and about the other tourist attractions in Sankasya.