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Tourist attractions in Sanchi

About BuddhismSanchi is an incredibly beautiful World Heritage site and is a very important part of Buddhist architecture and history. Sanchi is widely known for its stupas which are structures unique to Buddhism and this is among the main tourist attractions in Sanchi. Each stupa has toranas or gateways surrounding it and each of these represent Trust, Courage, Love and Peace and are placed in the 4 directions. The gate in the east depicts Prince Gautam’s path from the palace to his enlightenment, the northern gate has the wheel of law and includes miracles performed by the Buddha, the western gate depicts all the 7 manifestations of Buddha and the Southern gate has carvings of the events surrounding his birth. The Stupa of Sanchi is documented to have been commissioned by the Great Emperor Asoka, among the most famous converts to Buddhism. Work on the structure started in 3 BC and was meant to cover the relics of the Buddha. The ornamental gateways and balustrade were added 2 centuries later. There are many temples and carvings that add to the list of tourist attractions in Sanchi.

Sanchi needs some time to be explored and there are qualified professional guides available for the tourist attractions in Sanchi. These guides will help one to properly understand the sculptures and the significance of the carvings and there is also the option of Audio guides. Don’t miss the Asoka Pillar that has retained its magnificence through the centuries. A part of the pillar is displayed in the Buddhist Museum as well. Another of the important tourist attractions in Sanchi is the Great Gumbha, said to have been carved out of a single block of stone this massive bowl was the storehouse for food items used by the monks. Sanchi is a place of great historic value and one can definitely appreciate the labor of love that has gone into creating the structures here with just the basic implements available at the time.

Visit Sanchi and let the peace and beauty of the place envelope you.