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About BuddhismThe North East of India is a great place for a holiday and Tripura retains a lot of its untouched charm. Buddhism in India is widespread and there is evidence of this reaching Tripura as well and there is enough of evidence to support the peaceful coexistence of both Hinduism as well as Buddhism here. Pilak in Tripura is a site where a lot of Buddhist related architecture is found and these easily date back to the 9th century. Pilak is just 100 kms from the capital Agartala and is easily reachable from here. Anyone interested in history and archaeology will find the tourist attractions in Pilak interesting. There are stone sculptures and terracotta tiles depicting scenes from the Bodhisattva as well as scenes from Hindu epics suggesting a heterodox style of religion. Noteworthy among the tourist attractions in Pilak are the images of Narasimha and Avolokiteswara.

Pilak is a place to come to if one needs to get away from the hectic lives one leads normally. This is a good way to spend a couple of days before venturing further into Tripura and the other regions of the North East. Pilak has paddy fields that soothe tired eyes and lush green valleys as well. The best way to find out more about the tourist attractions in Pilak is by browsing online for sites that specialize in tourism for the North East. There are sites that not only have updated information on accommodation and the tourist attractions in Pilak but also post recommendations and comments from regular travelers. One can even look for options that take care of package options for Pilak and a good package will include transport, accommodation, local transfers and even most meals.

A request for a guide is also accommodated by professional package tours and this is a good way to understand local culture and the stories and legends behind the historic locations. Take a few days off to enjoy the serenity of Pilak for your next holiday.