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Tourist attractions in Nalanda

About BuddhismNalanda is among the most famous ancient universities in the world and even in ancient times its fame had spread far and wide. The university in its heyday boasted of 10,000 monks, students and teachers who came here from all over India and from many parts of the world as well. The monastic life practiced here along with a dedication to study and the preservation of texts was among the principles of Nalanda. The tourist attractions in Nalanda today are the ruins of the various buildings that once housed people as well as texts and manuscripts. Bodh Gaya and Rajgir, both important in Buddhist history are also close by and one can add these to the tourist attractions in Nalanda while on a holiday here. The renowned traveler Hiuen Tsang also wrote extensively on Nalanda and from his writings we learn that he spent 12 years here as a student and then as a teacher. One of the halls in the university has been named for him.

Among the other tourist attractions of Nalanda is the Great Stupa, the Nav Nalanda Vihar which was set up by the Bihar Government and largely researches Buddhist texts in the original Pali script. There is a Surya temple nearby that is dedicated to the Sun god yet has many other deities within including Buddhist statues. Bihar Sharif is also an important town nearby and is a center of Muslim learning in Bihar. There are many festivals like Budh Purnima and Chhath Puja that are celebrated with great vigor in Nalanda so add to your holiday experience by planning your visit to Malinda to coincide with these dates. Browsing online is the easiest way to find out about the best time to visit and about the tourist attractions in Nalanda. There are good travel sites that help to plan and to arrange all the details for a seamless trip to Nalanda to fit every budget.