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Tourist attractions in Nagarjunakonda

About BuddhismNagarjunakonda is an ancient historical town that got its name after Nagarjuna, who was a master of Mahayana Buddhism in 2nd century. He extensively helped in the widespread propagation of Buddhism in the region. In his heyday the area had many monasteries and universities dedicated to Buddhism and in attendance were students from as far away as China and even Sri Lanka. The site was almost completely submerged when the Nagarjuna Sagar Dam was formed and these archaeological sites were dug up beforehand and transferred to part of the region that had formed an island because of the dam. Historians and those interested in Buddhist history will find the tourist attractions in Nagarjunakonda a treasure house of information for their research and studies. Among the most visited tourist attractions in Nagarjunakonda is an imprint of a foot at the Mahaviharavasin Monastery that is believed to be a copy of the Buddha’s.

There is also a museum that houses many relics from the excavations that were held here and there is a tooth and an earring here believed to belong to the Buddha himself. The Nagarjunasagar dam is also important as the tallest masonry dam in the world. There are many scenic spots here with waterfalls and even a wildlife sanctuary that has reptiles, birds and is a Project Tiger reserve as well. There is also a very important Shiva temple here that has one of the 12 jyotirlings. While in the south spend some time admiring the toursist attractions in Nagarjuna and from here it is easy to understand how Buddhism spread from here to Burma and South East Asia. There are sites that are dedicated to sacred Buddhist sites within India and all the information on the tourist attractions in Nagarjuna is also available here. Plan a trip to Nagarjunakonda with a good package that will take care of the travel arrangements, the accommodation as well as guides wherever required.