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Tourist attractions in Kushinagar

About BuddhismGautama Buddha lived and preached throughout the central eastern states of India in what is now modern day Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. There are many sacred Buddhist locations throughout India that are frequented by tourists and by those looking to trace the path of the Buddha and prominent among these is Kushinagar. Located in Uttar Pradesh, Kushinagar is the place where the Buddha spent the last few days of his life. It is said that his remains were sent to 8 different places that are revered even today. There are many tourist attractions in Kushinagar especially as it is frequented regularly by tourists throughout the year. There are many temples in Kushinagar looked after by trusts from countries as diverse as China, Japan and others in the Far East. The Japanese temple has a statue of the Buddha that is made out of 8 metals and the Thai temple is also beautifully designed in Thai architectural style.

Kushinagar is located just 53 kms from Gorakhpur and is easily accessible; the site gets a lot of visitors especially during Buddha Purnima. The tourist attractions in Kushinagar include the Nirvana Stupa which was excavated in 1876. The Mahaparinirvana temple has a 6 meter long reclining Buddha statue and this dates back to the 5th century. The Mathakuar shrine was found after excavations and a statue of the Buddha touching the earth along with the ruins of a monastery were found here. The Ramabhar Stupa is a must visit as this 15 meter long stupa is where the Buddha was cremated. For those interested in history the Government Buddha Museum has the finds of the excavations displayed here. The other tourist attractions of Kushinagar are the Birla Hindu Buddha temple and the Ram Janki temple along with a meditation park.

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