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Tourist attractions in Indasala caves

About BuddhismThe Indasala caves are located in Rajgir in Bihar which is also home to so many other important Buddhist structures. The Indasala caves are especially important as the Buddha held one of his most important and profound discourses here. The entire discourse is available in the Sakkapanha Sutta and these are relevant even today for scholars in Buddhism as well as for those looking to understand Buddhism. The legend surrounding the discourse is also interesting, there was a person called Sakka who approached the Buddha for answers to 8 of his questions. This was when the Buddha was meditating in the Indasala caves and being the enlightened person that he was, the answers were all there. Gautam Buddha was a learned scholar and an intellectual and his Sakkapanha discourse is relevant even today. Another of the tourist attractions in Indasala caves is the Hansa Stupa that has been there since Hieun Tsang visited it during his travels in India. This is also known as the only complete stupa in India.

There is a new road now making access to the Indasala caves easier. The trip even to the Hansa Stupa is worth any effort that must be made to get here. And, while the tourist attractions in Indasala caves are a must visit, it is also important to ensure that one gets back to Rajgir or the nearest city/town by sunset as these areas as also still quite deserted. There are easy ways to plan a comfortable trip to see the tourist attractions in Indasala caves by browsing online. There are many travel sites with relevant information on the area and one can even look for sites that specialize in Buddhist tourism in India. There are packages available that include many of the important Buddhist locations and the itinerary is also planned according to the time available for the individual.

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