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Tourist attractions in Gurpa

About BuddhismGurpa is another place in the list of important Buddhist locations in India and this is linked to the Buddha’s successor, Mahakassapa. Legend says that when Mahakassapa realized that his life was ending he came here to his favorite mountain resort. The legend further states that the rocks parted to let him in and at the summit a cavity opened up to enclose him while he meditated. Buddhists believe that Mahakassapa is still within these rocks. This sacred mountain is known as Gurpa and the legend also tells us that when the Maitreyi comes to earth he will come to Gurpa, wake up Mahakassapa and take Buddha’s robe from him. Among the tourist attractions in Gurpa is the trek to the summit, the views from here are incredible and there for company one can find some Hindu shrines and Buddhist carvings as well. Gurpa is about 33 kms from Bodh Gaya and this is a comfortable day’s trip.

These days with the help of modern technology planning our holidays is easy and with the help of the internet one can easily ensure that a trip to Bodh Gaya includes Gurpa. The trek to the top of the mountain is an experience and by starting out early from Bodh Gaya one can ensure that the return is before sunset as well. Buddha tours are very popular and there are many places that are important historically and religiously as well that are close to each other so planning a trip that covers many places over a few days is possible. This is also easy with the help of online travel sites that help to plan and work out a convenient itinerary. There are also packages to suit all budgets and choosing a package to see the tourist attractions in Gurpa is convenient as all the details are taken care of like the travel, the guide, accommodation and even most meals leaving the tourist free to enjoy the location.