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Tourist attractions in Bodhgaya

About BuddhismBodhgaya is a site that is not only sacred to the followers of Buddhism but also to historians, both amateurs as well as experts. Then there are those who are fascinated by the story of the Buddha and try to visit the places that he left an indelible mark in. Bodhgaya is where the Gautam Buddha attained Nirvana or enlightenment under a bodhi tree. Thousands of people come here every year to this spiritual spot that has been maintained as a sacred Buddhist site. As with all religious sites Bodhgaya too has tourist attractions linked to the Buddha and one can spend time pleasantly here. The main tourist attractions of Bodhgaya are

The Bodhi Tree

This tree is said to have originated from the original Bodhi tree that the Buddha meditated under. A sapling of the original also made its way to Sri Lanka and still exists there. Buddha is said to have meditated under this tree continuously for a few days before reaching the stage of enlightenment.

The Mahabodhi temple

The temple is said to have been built on the very spot of the original bodhi tree. This is a beautiful and serene temple which contains a large statue of Lord Buddha.

Dungeshwari Caves

These caves are located just 12 kms from Bodhgaya and Buddha is said to have lived in one of these caves during his time here.

The Bodhi Sarovar

This pond is where the Buddha bathed before his meditations and is located near the Mahabodhi temple.

Bodhgaya also has monasteries run by various Buddhist trusts from the various countries that follow Buddhism. One can attend the prayer sessions and let the serenity of the chanting ease away all of one’s troubles. The local markets too have many interesting items to buy and these range from religious artifacts to prayer flags and even statues of the Buddha. Find out more about the tourist attractions of Bodhgaya by browsing online and there are many online travel sites with a lot of detailed information on the area. These sites can help to plan a package to the sacred Buddhist sites that will include the tourist attractions of Bodhgaya as well.