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Tourist attractions in Barabar caves

About BuddhismThe Barabar caves are found in Bihar about 35 kms from Gaya. These caves were commissioned by the Emperor Asoka and were carved out of solid quartzite. The stone masons of the time excavated these caves and cut and polished the interiors until they shone, the quality of their craftsmanship is evident even today, centuries later. These were made to be used by Jain ascetics and the inscriptions and carvings here bear testimony to this fact. The tourist attractions in Barabar caves are definitely the superb finish of the caves and the incredible sound of the echo here. A sound in these caves will echo off the walls and will stay sustained for almost 3 seconds. This is incredible because when the monks lived here any chanting would have made a fantastic continuous sound. The other tourist attractions in Barabar Caves is the nearby Shiva temple atop the Siddheshwar hill.

The rest of the location is rather remote and tourists are advised to visit in groups with a qualified guide. The journey back must be well before sundown to avoid any problems here. Most people visit the tourist attractions in Barabar caves in a combination with trips to Gaya and to Patna. This can also be included in a package that covers other places of Buddhist importance. The best way to plan a holiday to see these Barabar caves is by browsing online for more information on the best times to visit, places to stay and the other nearby attractions etc. With the reach of the internet one can easily find out all the relevant details for a visit to these caves and these caves have also been referred to in the famous book by E.M Forster called ‘A Passage to India’.

The internet allows a browser to even plan and book a package to the Barabar caves online. There is no need to leave the comfort of home to book a holiday that includes the Barbara caves when the entire transaction can be done online.