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Tourist attractions in Ajanta & Ellora Caves

About BuddhismAmong the most amazing of Buddhist sculptures in India are the Ajanta and Ellora caves located in Maharashtra. The Ajanta caves date back to 100 BC and are renowned across the world and are protected monuments as well as Heritage sites. The main tourist attractions in Ajanta and Ellora caves is that these are completely hand cut from massive rocks of the Sahyadri mountain range and were worked on for almost 6 centuries by artisans whose only tools were hammers and chisels. Ajanta caves are a collection of about 30 caves cut in a horseshow shaped rock and these overlook a gorge. There are chaityas or chapels and viharas or monasteries for the monks to teach and to live in. The Ajanta caves were forgotten when Buddhism declined in India until they were rediscovered by British officers surveying the region in the 19th century. The paintings depict lives of the times and though the paints used were all natural the dark interiors of the caves have helped to preserve their vibrancy. These amazing attractions in Ajanta and Ellora caves are easy to visit and Ajanta is just 90 kms from Aurangabad.

The Ellora part of the tourist attractions in the Ajanta and Ellora caves are the 34 caves that contain Buddhist monasteries as well as Hindu and Jain temples as well. These can be dated from the 5th century and the Kailasha Cave is among Ellora's most impressive. This cave is the world’s largest monolithic structure and the Ellora caves too are a protected monument. These tourist attractions in Ajanta and Ellora are easily accessible from the city of Aurangabad and there are great options for accommodation and for transport from here. Find out more about the tourist attractions in Ajanta and Ellora by browsing online. There are some very good sites that have detailed information on the travel details and about the other tourist spots in the area. Or the option of a package is also a good way to ensure that the tourist attractions in Ajanta and Ellora are all visited.