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How to reach Sarnath

About BuddhismSarnath is famous for the followers of the Buddha as the place where he gave his first sermon after reaching the enlightened stage. Sarnath is just 10 kms from Varanasi, an ancient and sacred Hindu city. This is an easy place to travel to with many options to suit all kinds of budgets. The original deer park that the Buddha preached at has been recreated and the ruins of the monasteries and sculptures make this a very nice place to spend some time in.

By Rail

Varanasi Junction is the station that one can take a train to and then there are local buses and taxis that ply to and from Sarnath from here.

By Air

Varanasi has an airport with flights that connect it to all the major cities in India.

By Road

There are plenty of buses from Varanasi that ply to Sarnath and from other places in Uttar Pradesh as well. Sarnath sees a large volume of visitors and buses run regularly to and from Sarnath.