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How to reach Sankasya

About BuddhismSankasya in Uttar Pradesh is an important place among the places the Buddha preached at. Sankasya is also mentioned in the travel books of Hiuen Tsiang, the renowned Chinese traveler who visited India in the 7th century. There is an Asoka Pillar here and the ruins of several buildings dating back centuries. One can get to Sankasya by travelling via Kanpur.

By Rail

The nearest railway station for those looking to visit Sankasya is Pakhna and this is just 10 kms away.

By Air

– This is the easiest way to travel and the nearest airport is Kanpur. This airport is well connected all the major cities in India and there are taxis available to Sankasya from here.

By Road

Farrukhabad is the nearest large town that is well connected to most major towns and cities in UP. Sankasya is 47 kms from Farrukhabad and one can get a taxi or a bus from here.