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How to reach Kushinagar

About BuddhismKushinagar in Bihar is recorded in history as the place where the Buddha spent his last few days on earth before passing away. This is an important stop on the Buddha circuit and there are thousands of visitors who come here every day in the trail of the Buddha. One can visit Kushinagar as a part of a tour or by itself and there are many convenient travel options to reach here as well.

By Rail

Plan a holiday by combining a family visit to the deity with the help of a good tour. There are many good travel and tour agencies online that make planning a holiday so effortless. Let a good agency take care of all the details and just enjoy this trip to Amravati.

By Air

– Gorakhpur is the nearest railhead and this is just 51 kms from Kushinagar.

By Road

Uttar Pradesh has a good system of roadways that connects Kushinagar to cities like Gorakhpur, New Delhi, Agra, Lucknow etc and buses and taxis ply easily on these routes.