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How to reach Jethian

About BuddhismJethian is a site of historic prominence as this is the site where the Buddha met the King Bimbisara who was eventually converted to Buddhism. There are many stupas and Buddhist ruins here that date back to that time. Jethian is definitely worth visiting especially if one is on the Buddha trail.

By Rail

There are trains that come up to Jethian and one can also choose to travel to Gaya or Patna and further on to Jethian.

By Air

One would need to fly down to Patna and hire a taxi or take the State Transport Buses to Jethian. Gaya Airport is the other option and this is closer to Jethian but one would still need to travel the further 33 kms to get there.

By Road

One would have to take the road from Gaya to Rajgir to get to Jethian and there is a turn off here that leads to Jethian.