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How to reach Bodhgaya

Among the most visited places for those interested in Buddhism, Bodhgaya is an important place on the Buddhist circuit. This is the place where the Buddha attained enlightenment after days of meditation and there are many monasteries and sacred sites here. As this is an important place there are good options in transport to get here.

By Rail

One can reach Bodhgaya by train by taking a train to Gaya junction. This is about 13 kms from Bodhgaya and there are taxis that ply regularly. Another way to get here is by taking a train to Patna which is 110 kms from Bodhgaya.

By Air

Gaya has an airport with flights that come in from Kolkata. One can take connecting flights to Bodhgaya through Kolkata from all major cities in India. Gaya airport is also 13 kms from Bodhgaya.

By Road

Bodhgaya has comfortable buses from Patna (110kms) and from Kolkata (485 kms) as well as connections to Nalanda, Varanasi and even to Rajgir.