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About Amrawati

Amravati is a fast growing industrial center and the cotton mills her are something that a visitor cannot miss, yet it is an ancient land and has been visited by travelers since ancient times for its many temples. Scenically located between the rivers Purna and Wardha, Amravati is also known as the land of temples and the temple of the Goddess Ambadevi is one of its main draws. As it is on the pilgrimage route and with the boom in economy and industry travelling to Amravati is not a problem at all. The nearest airport is in the city of Nagpur and there are many trains that take visitors directly to Amravati as well.

A word of caution, Amravati is among the hottest regions in India and the summer heat is not to be taken lightly. If possible a holiday to this city should be planned by avoiding the summer months completely. With the number of people who come to Amravati regularly there is no problem with accommodation and infrastructure at all. While on a holiday here there is plenty to do to have a great time and after the visits to the temples of Ambadevi and the others one can plan a trip to the Melghat Tiger reserve, home to the Royal Bengal Tiger. The Chikaldhara Wildlife Sanctuary is also well known and has a large number of animal species to observe.

Plan a holiday by combining a family visit to the deity with the help of a good tour. There are many good travel and tour agencies online that make planning a holiday so effortless. Let a good agency take care of all the details and just enjoy this trip to Amravati.