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About Vaishali

Vaishali or earlier known as Vaisali is another important place of pilgrimage and worship for Buddhists and Jains alike. Located in the state of Bihar, Vaishali is a small village surrounded with beautiful Mango and Banana trees along with many rice fields to its credit. Vaishali has had a very historical past and one can find the relics depicting these series of events in history.

Vaishali is famously known as the place where Lord Buddha delivered and preached his last sermon before leaving Earth. To memorialize this important event, Emperor Ashoka established one of his Lion pillars here around the 3rd century BC. Vaishali is sacred to the Jains as well because of the birth of Lord Mahavir in the suburbs of the city and is said to have spent significant number of years in this city preaching and spreading Jainism. There are couple of good options for sightseeing in Vaishali that speak volumes of the ancient first democratic city and its remains during the period of the Lichchavi rulers. Some important sites are- Vishwa Shanti Stupa one of the few in India, Vaishali Museum that houses various archaeological relics found over the years, the famous brick stupa that honours the place of the last place where Buddha delivered his sermon before attaining Parinirvana, Ashokan Pillar, Bawan Pokhar temple, Buddha Stupa, Buddha Stupa II, Abhishek Pushkaran, Kundalpur, Raja Vishal Ka Ghar, World Peace Pagoda, Choumukhi Mahadeva, etc. One can also indulge in some traditional shopping like Lac Bangles, Madhubani paintings, beautiful delicate mats, baskets and toys.

Enjoy a wonderful time with your family and friends in Vaishali and reminisce the representation of