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About Udayagiri

Udayagiri is a beautiful and scenic district located in the state of Orissa. Surrounded with plush greenery and beautiful landscape Udayagiri is famous for its archaeological excavations that have taken place here for a long time. These excavations led to the discovery of beautiful sprawling brick monastery buried deep underground with innumerable Buddhist sculptures with dates back to as early as the 7th century BC. The rich heritage that Udayagiri exudes makes it worth a visit atleast once and is a complete architectural delight for all the history buffs, travellers and art admirers.

The excavations in Udayagiri have led to the unearthing of timeless pieces of architecture in the form of sculptures spread across a vast area mainly of various forms of Buddha especially the Dhyan Buddha and Bodhisattva. The winding roads and pristine surroundings make you come back to this historical place again and again. Though not a Buddhist pilgrim site, however Udayagiri does attract a lot of Indian and International tourists especially during the months of October to March when the weather conditions are favourable to explore the ruins of the ancient city. A trek to the top of a mountain leads you to another excavation of Buddhist monastery that flourished many centuries ago. Several Buddhists also visit this beautiful location famous for its innumerable monasteries around the year from across borders as well. The caves and hills of Udayagiri are an added attraction of this magnificent place where one can sit back and relax.

Enjoy the calmness and gorgeous surroundings of Udayagiri with your family and friends!