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About Sravasti

Sravasti also known as Savatthi is the ancient city of India which flourished to a great extent during Lord Buddha’s lifetime. This city is located in the eastern region of the state of Uttar Pradesh and is attracts many Buddha followers or Buddhists from across India and other Buddhist countries. The present city is constructed on the ruins of the old city and there are ancient buildings still standing within the walls of the ancient city.

Savatthi held great importance during the course of Lord Buddha’s life because it was this place that he spent the maximum time. Jetavana is the main monastery and an important pilgrim destination too where one will find prayers, chants and meditation being performed under the Anandabodhi tree and Buddha’s hut or Gandhakuti. Within the ruins of the ancient city you can visit Anathapindika’s stupa, the temple of Jain Tirthankar and Angulimala’s stupa. Several Buddhist followers from across the countries have built monasteries in Sravasti such as Tibet, Thailand, China, South Korea and Myanmar. Another important place to visit is the site where Lord Buddha astonished millions of people and his critics especially with his twin miracle i.e. emanating water and fire from his body at the same time. This left the people mesmerised and since then his thoughts and teachings were never questioned. You can feel a distinct tranquillity on the land of Sravasti and feel history surround you with all its beauty and regalia. Another important site to visit is Shobhanath Temple- sacred to the Jain followers.

Enjoy a blissful time with your family and friends on this ancient land and city of Sravasti!