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About Sankasya

Sankasya or Sankisa is located in the state of Uttar Pradesh near Farrukhabad. It is believed that it was this place that the all the incarnations of Buddha were born and it is here that Lord Buddha descended after spending three months in solitude with his mother in Heaven or Tushita after teaching her the Abhidhamma. On his journey back from Heaven he was accompanied by Lord Brahma (the Creator) and Lord Indra (Rain God) alongside.

When Lord Buddha descended on Earth there were three ladders that were prepared for his descent along with the two Gods who were accompanying him- one made of Gold, another of Crystal and the last of Silver. While descending the Gods above scattered flowers and sang chants in the praise of Lord Buddha. Until a couple of centuries ago, the ladders existed in their original state and one could witness this while travelling to this auspicious location however with time the ladders submerged and disappeared into Earth. There was a temple built in the location where Lord Buddha descended from heaven to earth but was destroyed many centuries ago however it currently holds the temple of Goddess Visharidevi. Sankasya is visited by millions of Buddhist pilgrims round the year especially on the auspicious day of Sharad Purnima or Full Moon where a religious gathering takes place every year. There are many inscriptions and sculptures depicting the life of Lord Buddha and the important events that took place during the course of his life. There are other significant attractions in Sankasya such as the base of the wrecked Ashokan Pillar conquered by the elephant capital and a small Buddhist temple beneath the Bodhi Tree.

Come relive the historical past by visiting Sankasya!