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About Sanchi

Sanchi is a beautiful and quaint village in the Raisen district of Madhya Pradesh. It has been referred by different names over a period of time like Kakanadabata, Kakanaya, Bota-Sriparvata and Kakanava however it was later renamed and it currently called Sanchi. This place is most famous for its Stupas and various other Buddhist monuments located since early centuries. Sanchi is one of the important Buddhist pilgrim destinations in India and several Buddhists from various countries visit this place to offer homage to the great Lord Buddha. His life history and preaching can be seen beautifully carved on the walls and pillars of the Stupa and other Buddhist monuments in Sanchi.

Sanchi is home to one of the oldest and earliest Stupa of India made of brick and mortar. The mortal remains of Buddha have been scattered in this Stupa along with other major stupas of India. Erected by King Ashoka, Sanchi Stupa stands to be a wonder of India because of its magnificent and majestic allure. The entrance from the four gateways to Sanchi Stupa depict the various stages in the life of Gautama Buddha right from his mother’s dream while in the womb, his birth, leaving his home, his austere penance, preaching and finally his death. One can see the entrances on the southern, northern, western and eastern side of the stupa. Over the centuries many stupas have been erected in Sanchi by various kings and followers of Buddhism such as Stupa no.2, Stupa no.3, around 40 temples, etc. Sanchi is definitely a tourists and historians delight besides being a sacred to the Buddhist pilgrims.

Come and enjoy the royalty and architectural wonders at Sanchi!