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About Ratnagiri

Ratnagiri is the site for one of the major Buddhist monasteries of ancient times and is situated in present day Odisha. Ratnagiri was one arm of the Diamond Triangle that included Lalitgiri and Udayagiri and these were all part of the ancient Pushpagiri University. Seen as an ideal location for meditation and for studies in Buddhism, Ratnagiri is on a flat topped hill and in its time was a thriving center for study and discourses. Excavations have revealed a beautifully planned open courtyard that had the monk’s cells facing it and the doorway made of stone is intricate and centuries have not dimmed its beauty. There is also a huge statue of the Buddha and the temple with a curvilinear tower is the only recorded one in Odisha. The stupas and the brass and bronze images of the Buddha are also worth coming here for. One can get lost in time here and the serenity of the place is very apparent.

Plan a trip to Ratnagiri along with a visit to Lalitgiri and Udayagiri while on the Buddha circuit. Most of these locations are close by and can be easily covered with a little travel. Find a good online travel site that specializes in trips to sacred Buddhist sites and choose from the options that are available. Travelling with a package tour is usually the best option as one can travel according to the most convenient route and stay at designated places on the route. A good agency will plan the trip according to the time available and will also ensure that it suits the traveler’s budget.