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About Rajgir

Buddha tours have been gaining in popularity and there are many places and options to choose from while planning a trip in the footsteps of the Buddha. Among the many popular places that are visited by followers of Buddhism and by the admirers of Buddha is a place called Rajgir. This is in Bihar and as present day Bihar is close to the kingdom of Kapilavastu that the Buddha was once a royal prince of, it is no surprise that more than half of all important sites are located in Bihar. Rajgir is where the Buddha held many discourses and he meditated here as well. Recorded history tells us that Buddha spent some time meditating at Griddhkuta or the Hill of the Vultures. Many of the famous conversions to Buddhism were also done here and the best known among these was Bimbisara, the Magadh King. The Indasala caves are at a short distance from Rajgir and this visit includes a trek and a hike and the mountain that the caves are found in also have the Hansa Stupa, famous for being the most complete stupa in India.

Plan a trip to Rajgir to visit the Buddhist monasteries and sacred sites and this is best done with the help of a good travel agency. With a package holiday one can even include a tour of the other important sites related to the Buddha like BodhGaya and Sarnath. With the option to book a package online one can also benefit from great deals and offers that are not usually available anywhere else. Comparing rates and offers is also easier when done online and one need not step out of the house while planning a trip to Rajgir.