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About Lumbini

Lumbini a stunning Garden, now located in Nepal, is the birthplace of Prince Siddhartha Gautama or Lord Buddha. This is the place where the journey of the great ‘Enlightened One’ began to spread the message of elimination of suffering, ignorance to attain nirvana or ending of all suffering from mankind. Lumbini is regarded as the foremost and the holiest city in Buddhist Pilgrimage and is visited by millions of tourists and followers round the year

A visit to this eternally graceful and beautiful city of Lumbini in Nepal gives you an opportunity to connect with one, discover the true meaning of spirituality and learn the essence of Buddhism. Lumbini still is one of the most beautiful cities radiating an energy that makes every traveller’s come back once more. The city of Lumbini is not only famous for the life history of Lord Buddha but also has other beautiful shrines and places to visit that will surely enthral every tourist. The beauty of Lumbini lies in the sanctity and purity that it reflects in the way of life of the people inhabiting the city and the charming surroundings that are sure to captivate your senses. Few places that are a must visit in Lumbini are- Maya Devi Temple- dedicated to the mother of Lord Buddha, the Ashokan Pillar- erected on the place where Lord Buddha was born, the Buddhist Monastery- a place to witness great architecture and teachings of Lord Buddha, etc. This beautiful garden is built near the foothills of the great Himalayas and is a perfect destination to attain peace and tranquillity with oneself.

Come to Lumbini and experience a refreshing journey like never before!