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About Kushinagar

Kushinagar is located in the Eastern part in the state of Uttar Pradesh and is an important pilgrim site for Buddhists in India. It is considered to one of the four main sites in Buddhist Pilgrimage because it is this place that Lord Buddha attained Pari nirvana or Moksha after his death. This small town attracts many tourists, history enthusiasts and Buddhism followers round the year because of its utmost significance.

Kushinagar is the erstwhile Kushavati or Jatakas known to be the place of Kusha, the son of Lord Ram and is also mentioned in the epic Ramayana. Kushinagar has many beautiful Buddhist temples and monasteries built to commemorate the life and death of Lord Buddha along with his preaching during his lifetime. The sheer reason of his abstinence from worldly life and his way of life and teaching gained much popularity among people from all walks of life and one can see this distinctly in the temples of Kushinagar as well. Few of the places that one must visit while in this town are Nirvana temple and stupa- famous for the reclining Buddha statue and the fact that his ashes were buried here, Mahaparinirvana temple- a huge statue of the dying Lord Gautama Buddha lying on his right side, Wat Thai temple- known for its stunning Chinese temple, Birla temple, Meditation park and an International Buddha trust, Ramabhar Stupa- the place where Lord Buddha was said to be cremated centuries ago is a place of utmost significance among Buddhist pilgrims, Japanese temple- built in the Pagoda style, this temple houses an exquisite statue of Lord Buddha brought from Japan shaped in eight beautiful metals, etc.

Get mesmerised and rejuvenate your senses by paying a visit to this beautiful town of Kushinagar with your near and dear ones!