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About Jethain

Jethian is an important place on the Buddha circuit and experts on the history of Buddhism will understand the importance that this location has in the travels of the Buddha. Just after the Buddha attained Nirvana he set out to preach the Truth to the people that he came across in his travels. It was in Bodh Gaya that he met and converted the three Kassapa brothers and with them their followers who numbered in their hundreds also followed suit. The Buddha then travelled with this group to Rajgir ruled at the time by the great King Bimbisara. The word had already spread about the Buddha and his teachings and it was to show his respect to this great soul that Bimbisara come out to meet him at the city’s gate. The Buddha and the King met at what is now Jethian. This is where the Buddha is said to have converted Bimbisara to Buddhism as well. The famous Chinese traveler and chronicler Hiuen Tsiang also spent 2 years here and mentions Jethian in his notes.

Jethian in spite of its historical importance has few visitors who come this way and travelling here takes some effort. The best thing to do to ensure a hassle free visit here is to book a package tour with a reputed travel agency. Tours covering all the important sites in Buddhism are very popular and there will be many options to choose from. Browse though reputed online sites to find one that suits budget and other requirements and let the agency take care of the planning and details while you are taken back in time to 500 BC.