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About Indasala caves

Anyone interested in Buddhism or fascinated by the discourses of the Buddha must visit some of the places that he visited while travelling to spread his teachings. The Indasala caves located near Rajgir in Bihar is one such place. Followers of Buddhism and historians will corroborate that the Buddha gave one of his most moving speeches known as the Sakkapanha Sutta here. The Indasala caves are as beautiful as they are remote and a trek here will help one to appreciate the trouble taken by the Buddha and his disciples in reaching this place. Located halfway up the Giriyek Mountain these caves are at the base of a cliff. The only way here is with a trek that covers about 1.5 kms. The Buddha is recorded to have spent a few days here and the verses 206, 207 and 208 in the Dhammapada were spoken here at the Indasala caves. Further up the Giriyek Mountain there still exists a stupa called the Hansa Stupa and is known as the most complete stupa existing in India.

As there is a long trek and climb visitors are advised to start early from Rajgir so that they can be back by the end of the day. The stupa and the Indasala caves are also mentioned in the ancient travelogues by the famous traveler Hiuen Tsiang who travelled extensively in India. Find good accommodation in Rajgir and join a tour to visit the Indasala caves by booking a package online. There are many good sites offering Buddhist tours and one can browse through the options available online before choosing one that suits their requirements.