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The Buddha spent his lifetime in teaching the truths that he was entrusted with after he achieved the state of nirvana. His travels across the various regions in the India of that time ensured many converts to the non violent methods of his philosophy and also ensured that his word was spread far and wide. One of Buddha’s important followers was also his successor called Mahakassapa. He too spent his time in preaching what the Buddha believed in and as his life drew to a close he chose to retire to his favorite mountain retreat, Kukkutapadagiri. Legend states that as he couldn’t climb up the rocks they parted to let him in. The sage meditated here and the story goes on to say that the rocks closed around him awaiting the end of the world and the beginning of a new age. This site is now known as Grupa and there is a village of the same name as well.

One will need to trek upwards and enter a crack that takes one further upwards. The path takes one to another cave and then further to the summit of this rocky mountain. There are remnants of Buddhist sites here and some temples belonging to Hinduism as well. One can spend some time at this place meditating or just taking in the peace and serenity that the breathtaking views offer. Gurpa is about 33 kms from Gaya so one can combine a trip here with a trip to Bodhgaya or include it while on a Buddha tour. Choose a good option from the packages available and enjoy the trip to see the sacred sites of Buddhism.