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About Ghosrawan

While on the Buddha trail there are smaller places that have been important Buddhist sites in ancient times and Ghosrawan is one of these. Ghosrawan is found near Rajgir and as the Buddha spent so much time here meditating in various locations and holding discourses that there are many monasteries and sacred sites whose ruins are still evident. There is a village now on the very site of a large and ancient monastery and there is a huge statue here of the Buddha in a meditative pose carved out of a single black stone. Ghosrawan also gains a mention in the travelogues of Hiuen Tsiang, the famous Chinese traveler. There is also a temple in a village close by called Tetrawan where one can find a large collection of finely made Buddha’s and Bodhisattvas. There is more to see in Ghosrawan and just nearby 5 kms away is Pawapuri, well known as the birth place of Lord Mahavir, the founder of Jainism.

While there are pilgrims’s rest houses run by both the Buddhist and the Jain monasteries Ghosrawan is best seen while on a tour of other important Buddhist places. The best way to organize this is to join up with a tour or by booking a package that takes one on the Buddha trail. A good package will ensure that the travel, accommodation, transport and even meals are taken care of. One even has the option to customize these packages and with the options available to book online, planning a trip to the sacred Buddhist sites is easier than ever.