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About Barabar Caves

Buddhism has its roots in India and spread from here to many different parts of the world with the help of its faithful followers. The monks who followed Buddhism spent a lot of time in meditation and in study and also ensured that the teachings of the Buddha were noted down precisely for future generations. Most of the orders that these monks belonged to preferred to spend their time in remote places and often stayed in caves that were either natural or cut out painstakingly from rock. Many of these remain today scattered throughout India and among the best examples of these are the Barabar caves. The Barabar caves are found in the Jehanabad district of Bihar and Gaya is close by at 24 kms away. The singular thing about these caves is that they have the appearance of wood but have been cut from a granite rock face and still have a polished look to them. These caves have 2 chambers each and served as the living and resting quarters of the monks.

There are other sacred sites special to Buddhism in Bihar and a trip to the Barabar caves can be combined with a trip to Lumbini, Bodhgaya, Sarnath, Kushinagar etc. The best way to plan this is to use the services of a travel agency or a tour operator. These will ensure that all the details are taken care of and that the trip is hassle free for the visitor. View the options that are available by browsing online and compare the options that are available before choosing the best value for your money.